Humber Arm Shale

Western-Newfoundland, Canada

Shoal Point Energy Ltd. (SHP:CSE) is exploring and developing the extensive Humber Arm oil-in-shale play, where SHP holds the rights to the exploration lands covering approximately 220,000 acres in the near offshore of the west coast of Newfoundland.

For about 150 years west Newfoundland has been home to sporadic exploration, based mainly on knowledge of the sedimentary basin and the existence of ubiquitous oil seeps. Most of these wells were very shallow and sited on seeps only, while 10 deep wells have been drilled since 1995. Historical production from seep-based drilling resulted in the production of approximately 50,000 barrels of light oil up to the middle of the 20th century. Shoal Point Energy has drilled two wells at Shoal Point since 2008 and the evaluation has led to further recognition of the Humber Arm oil-in-shale play as a potential major oil-producing area.

A major attraction is that the Humber Arm play can be developed almost entirely by land-based drilling in the early years of development. Also attractive is its location along an accessible coastline in northeastern North America, with highways, deep year-round ports, and an abundance of space for infrastructure development. The potential size of the resource has been identified and recognized, and the future endeavors of Shoal Point Energy will focus on the delineation, extraction and commercial development of the oil in this exciting new play.

Shoal Point Energy’s “Humber Arm” oil-in-shale play consists of two Exploration Licenses in the near offshore of western Newfoundland:

  • A 100% working interest in the shallow rights of Exploration Licence (EL) 1070, comprising approximately 150,000 acres of the Humber Arm Allochthon.
  • The right to earn an 80% working interest in 67,298 acre block of Humber Arm Shale in the adjoining EL 1120